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tile workshop

updated wed 9 aug 00


Stephen M. Carter on tue 19 mar 96

I am pleased to announce that the University of Vermont will be hosting a
Tile Workshop presented by Paul Lewing a Seattle Tile Artist,on monday
March 25th in room 106 Williams hall.
This hands on workshop will be presented in two sessions the first will be at 2:
and the second will be at 6:00pm. This workshop is free and open to the
Stephen M. Carter

Ellen J. Briggs on fri 11 oct 96

Paul Lewing, of Seattle, Washington, has worked with tiles since 1986. He
will present a two-day lecture/demonstration workshop on October 19 and 20
at the Lee ArtsCenter in Arlington, Virginia. His presentation will
include forming tiles and trim by rolling, extruding and pressing,
followed by a discussion of installation techniques. He will discuss
marketing, especially as it applies to the particular problems of
commissioned work, also touching on retail and wholesale, protfolio
development and promotional literature. The second day will be devoted to
decoration techniques. Fee is $85. contact Lee Arts Center, 5722 Lee
Highway, Arlington, VA 22207. Phone 703-358-5256. FAX 703-538-5921.

Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on sun 15 jun 97

I don't know if Paul Lewing travels to the east coast, but if he does,
don't miss his tile workshop. He gave one at our community college
which I am sorry to say I missed. The students still talk about
his wealth of information and his very generous, direct, linear manner
of presentation. That was, I think, two years ago and several
no-longer-students are still working successfully and happily creating
and firing tiles. I'll not miss him if he wends our way again.

In the not-so-terribly-hot-but-just-wait Mojave getting prepared to
leave for some wending of her own from here to North Carolina, hoping to
salivate over pottery the whole way, thanks to Clayarters suggestions
for pottery sightings.

millie carpenter on mon 16 jun 97

Jane Larson is on the East Coast, in the DC area. I took a work shop
from her 2 or three years ago. we made our tiles from low fire clay.
she had some really good ideas in forming tiles and avoiding warping
that really work (at least for me they do). I do not know her exact
address or if she is doing workshops. but there is bound to be someone
on clayart that has an address, or if you want, I could contact the
teacher that set up the workshop.

Millie in Maryland, where it is finally summer.

Leo C. Peck on tue 8 aug 00

Last week, fellow ceramic artist Janet Bajorek was kind enough to post =
information about my upcoming workshop. Here's a bit more information:

I will be demonstrating tile & mosaic production, tile pressing, =
installation of tile tables, and teapot throwing. Also includes a slide =
show outlining previous commissioned projects. To view some samples of =
my work, please visit my website (below). Any questions, feel free to =
email me. Contact the Art Center directly to sign up for the workshop. =

Teapots to Tiles
August 19-20
Palo Alto Art Center (CA)

Leo Peck
Peck Tile, Pottery & Sculpture
Napa, CA