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tiles sites in turkey

updated sat 31 aug 96


Tom Colson on thu 8 aug 96

Hi All-

Does anyone have any suggestions of specific places to go in Turkey to
see some great tiles? I'm posting this after someone asked me the same
question. They will be in Istambul and also travel around the country a

Thanks for any info!


Tom Colson
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Wendy Hampton on fri 9 aug 96


You will be able to see tiles at almost all of the mosques you visit. The
one with the most was north of the city in Ugup. there is a large cemetary
and mosque - absolutely beautiful. The Isnik tiles are something to behold.
You'll love the city, country and especially the people. It's really
Wendy from Seattle on fri 9 aug 96

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The Topkaki Palace has an incredible collection of ceramics and there
is also tile in the Harem section of the Palace. The Blue Mosque, one
of many in Istanbul is a favorite. As someone else mentioned, all the
mosques are tiled. (Not true in Central Asia where I visited a 9thC.
wooden pillared Mosque in Khiva.) Madrassehs are also tiled. Most fantastic
little Bizantine Church, the Khora, is worth the visit to see the mosaics.
Not tiles but equivalent or surpasses Ravenna IMHO. Must take a cab to it.
I recommend lunch next door.
Have a good trip.
Marcia in Montana
Cool off in the Cisterns from Justinian's time.