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tiny studio--but i'm outside!

updated mon 30 jun 97


Anne Chambers on tue 10 jun 97

I have a fair size studio, for one person 14x30 feet. But! it's in the
basement, no matter how many posters I put up, inspirational pots surround
me, when the warm sunny weather arrives......I have to be outside.

These Canadian summers are just too short. So as of yesterday, I'm in the
garden with 10x10 feet, I have my wheel, work table, and a shelving unit to
hold everthing. The pots get lined up along the garden to dry. The
slabroller had to stay in the basement, couldn't talk my spouse into moving
that outside!

So back to work, with birds and flowers all around me.
Summer is great, over 30c and loving it!

Anne Chambers (from the garden)
Ottawa, Canada

Carol Jackaway on wed 11 jun 97

Hi All,
With my studio in the basement and beautiful summer days ahead I get the
call to work outside. i was thinking of putting up my E-Z up without the
sides and coiling outside. Basement is cooler but the outside is inspiring!!
Its finally sunny and 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Gallagher's on wed 11 jun 97

Anne Chambers (from the garden)
Ottawa, Canada

This sounds like a great idea! My so-called "studio" is being located in the
basement and we have direct outside access. All I need are the work tables
moved out under the over-hang!

Given the unpredictable Oregon summers, outside on nice days is where I want
to be.


Sandra Dwiggins on wed 11 jun 97

Anne--What do you do when it rains????