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tools in london

updated mon 30 jun 97 on thu 26 jun 97

It's midnight and I just got back from three days of meetings in New York and
need to leave early tomorrow morning for a meeting in Hagerstown, MD. I'm
leaving Friday on a business trip to London and don't have time to go through
my class notes. Someone in a class I took a year or so ago at Baltimore
Clayworks told me that there's a real neat store in London where she buys
clayworking tools. Apparently there are tools available there that are not
available in the US. Does anyone know of such a place in London?

I don't have much time to shop around while I am in London. I arrive Saturday
morning and will have through Sunday night to myself (I hope). Then I'll be
in meetings through Wednesday afternoon when I fly back to the US.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sorry that the request is so last
minute. I don't have access to my private account when I am on business trips
and I am working on a project that has me away from home a great deal of time


tired and cranky in HOT, humid Baltimore, MD USA
I really don't want to drive 1 3/4 hours each way to Hagerstown tomorrow, but
duty calls !!! ^&%^&%$%$#^%(*^(**(_)&^&_