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toxic fiberglass?, since when?

updated sat 31 may 97


Bill Aycock on sun 25 may 97

I have noted several instances in which someone has posted a warning, or
reference to toxic fumes coming from fiberglass.

Where has this misinformation come from? There may be fabrics out there
that contain SOME glass, that have enough other materials, such as plastic,
that do give off fumes, but it isnt the glass cloth, unless there is a LOT
of sizing or other junk added.

In the Aerospace industries, cloth is sometimes bought with phenolic resin
in it, for molding or "lay-up", but this is always called "impregnated
fiberglass", not just fiberglass.

Bill, busy sweeping up the myths, on Persimmon Hill.
(another is that "compression"[compaction] doesnt help stop S-cracks)
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