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transporting pots in car...was..cobalt dilemma

updated mon 27 oct 97


Tamsin A. Whitehead on sat 25 oct 97

I have transported a whole kiln load of stuff successfully in a car -

A local really cheap store - a kind of nothing over $5 type place - was
selling plastic trays, the kind you might find in a self service cafe, for
25 cents each. I bought a bunch of them, placed my pots on them so that
none were touching each other and pushed little pieces of non-hardening
clay around their feet below the glaze line to hold them in place. No
problems. Of course, it depends how far down your pieces are glazed, but I
imagine that you could improvise with many different things - two sided
tape, that stuff that there was recently a thread about for hoding pieces
in galleries etc. As long as you can immobilise them one way or the other!
If you put the trays on tilted seats in the car, just level them with a
towel or something underneath.

Nottingham, NH

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Bacia Edelman wrote:

> Also, any suggestions for transporting already glazed work in a car? ( I
> mean how to protect the pieces without removing glaze in transit.)
> This got pretty long, sorry. Thanks in advance. Bacia Edelman Madison,
> Wisconsin (cold and rainy with the tang of winter)

Emily Muench on sun 26 oct 97

The plastic bags we get by the thousands from the grocery stores provide
great cushioning for dry, glazed and fired items.