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tudio lighting / photography (again!)

updated fri 24 oct 97


Janet H Walker on wed 15 oct 97

...All this talk about 500 watt halogen me thinking....
...500 watt floods are recommended for photography as well.
...Could these work?

The question always is, work for what? 500 watt photofloods are
made to emit light at a specific color temperature. They have a
rated life of about 70 hours for that purpose. I don't know whether
they burn out completely after that point or just give light of a
different color. In any case, they'd have to be REALLY cheap to be
as economical as buying a 500 watt bulb that had a rated life of 700

The other issue to be aware of with photofloods is the heat
produced. Of that 500 watts, an awful lot is getting converted into
heat. Of course, if you want to use the lighting as one of the main
sources of heating in your studio, that's a possibility. But not
usually a recommended one. Tough going in the summer. (By the way,
500 watts of fluorescent lights produces neglible heat.)

...these were really cheap. I could get a LOT of them for the price of...

Cheap solutions are great but only if they are the solution to the
right problem!

Jan Walker
Cambridge MA USA