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updated wed 30 apr 97


Les Lowe on mon 7 apr 97

Here is a list of potteries in Ireland that I got from a Gaelic list. Hope
this is of some help.

=3E Louis Mulcahy - Du/n Chaoin, Dingle, Co.Kerry.=3Ea very
=3Esuccessful pottery in the Gaeltacht in Ballyferriter. It is
=3Ecalled, Louis Mulcahy.
=3E Stephen Pearse - Kinsale (I think), Co. Cork.
=3E Orchard - Castleconnel, Co. Limerick
=3E Guenther Treffkorn - New St., Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry.
=3E Fuchsia Cottage - Dooneen, Cahirciveen. Co.Kerry.
=3E Clonakilty - Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
=3E Lemonfield - Lemonfield, Crecora, Co. Limerick.
=3E Penny's - Ventry (Ceann Tra/) Co.Kerry.
=3E Rineanna - Ballycasey, Shannon, Co.Clare.
=3E Kenmare - Rusheens, Kenmare, Co.Kerry.
=3E Marjorie Cunningham - Blennerville, Tralee, Co.Kerry.

=3EPotaireacht Chle/ire is one of the best. Their snailmail address is:
=3EPotaireacht Chl=E9ire
=3EOile=E1n Cl=E9ire
=3ECo. Chorca=ED =5B
=3E=C9ire (Ireland)

Still waiting for spring to arrive here in Alberta so I can do a pit firing,


Daphne Zeitz on mon 7 apr 97

Thanks loads for all the information you've sent!

For fellow potters with itchy feet, or who have friends with itchy feet,
here is what I've garnered thus far:

- Download Tom Colson's "A Tile Trip to England and Wales"
It has most major English pottery destinations and other
useful information in it too.

- Investigate U.K. Arts & Crafts Guide

- Beg, borrow, steal or buy the most recent copy of "POTTERS",
available from the Contemporary Crafts & Potters Shop &
Gallery, 7 Marshall St.London. This has a complete index of
potters with pictures of their work.
"Marshall St. is behind Liberty's, close to Carnaby St."

While in London visit:
- The Victoria and Albert Museum
- The Craft Potters' Ass. 21 Carnaby St.
- The British Museum
- "upscale" antique shops

- Highland Stoneware, Lochinvar,Scot.
- Richard Ch....., Harehope Forge
- Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow
- Burrell Art Gallery, Glasgow
- Paisley Museum, Glasgow
- Macintosh Art School, Glasgow
- Robert Sanderson, Cowden Cottage, Abercairney, Crieff,

Nottingham: The Rutherford Centre

- Comprised of six towns.
- Has evidence of pottery dating from 2000BC.
- Shuttle bus service right outside the train station
goes in a figure 8 around the six towns. It leaves
about every 5 minutes and busses go in both
directions all the time.
- British Ceramic Manufacturers Federation offers tours
inside the potteries. Ph 0782-744631
- City Musem in Hanley
- Gladstone Pottery Museum (bottle kilns 5 stories high)

- Phil Rogers - wood ash glazes
(more to come)

- Toff Millway, Conderton Pottery
- Ray Finch, Winchcombe - old bottle kiln in back of
the studio.

S. Shropshire, Bath & Bristol:
- prehistoric hill forts
- Roman & medievial sites ( ie.Stonehenge)
- Bristol City Museum - Majolica & Bristol glazes
- Holbourne Museum & Craft Study Centre- Bath

West country:
- John Leach, Muchelney, Somerset
- David Leach, Bovey Tracey, Devon
- Devon County Gallery, Bovey Tracey
- Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey
- Teige Valley Glass & House of Marbles, Bovey Tracey
- Tate Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall
- Janet Leach, just outside St. Ives
- Barbara Hepworths Studio, St Ives
- Grolleg china clay mine, St. Austell, Cornwell
Amusement park set-up to take you through the

- Alan Baxter Pottery Workshop, Ipsw... (473)837286

E. Sussex:
- John Solly Pottery (797)2230276
- Sarah Walton (323)811284

Other suggestions:
- Gabriel Koch

Northern Ireland:
- Belleek Pottery, Co Fermanag (0136)58501

Most addresses and phone numbers are in the "Potters" book mentioned above.
It is best to phone ahead when visiting studios as the visiting hours vary.

"Happy trails to you"


P.S. If you know of any other "must see" places, I'd love to hear about them.

Will Levi Marshall on tue 8 apr 97

I am a fellow of the Crafts potters association of the uk who graduated from
the MFA program at Alfred, Good people who want to get an uptodate low-down
on the UK scene email subject Will Marshall or for the most efficient respose
call me on uk code then 01556 640399 or 01556 640116 . this isn't my system
so net time is special!