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v-gallery resolution

updated fri 28 feb 97


Tadeusz Westawic on wed 5 feb 97

Hi Clayarters,

I think this subject is topically inbounds, but has potential for
getting away.

I am wondering what people think is an acceptable minimum resolution of
images of work shown in a virtual gallery.

I am aware of the economic forces at work on v-gallery management: to
keep storage costs minimized while still displaying enough detail to
capture the interest of the potential customer. But still, I have seen
some downright deplorable images out there. So I am thinking that if I
were to display virtually, I would use a professional photographer and
do my own scans and then insist on a web display density of ... what? Is
100 to 150 dots per inch asking too much? (I'd like to say 200 dpi)

Also, how does one verify the image density of what one is looking at? I
have downloaded so far, and then opened the image in Photopaint and
looked-up density in image info.

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