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wanted: info on empty bowls

updated mon 30 jun 97


Molly Gorger on wed 11 jun 97

Hello all,

Mary, who runs the Empty Bowl project here in Portland, Oregon is
interested in gathering information on everyones Empty Bowl projects.
She would like to put together an article for Ceramics monthly.

She would like to know.....Who you are? Where you are? How you put
your project together? Where you located restaurant? How
many bowls did you sell? How many participants? Any celebrity bowls?
Did you serve soup? A meal? Give coupons for local restuarants? Any
interesting tidbits......How much money did you raise? And who did you
donate it to? All this and anything else you think would be fun to
know, or maybe helpful to a new area trying to start their own project!

Mary does not have access to a computer. I contacted her in response to
the questions about Astoria's Empty Bowls and she was excited about
sharing and receiving info. Please Email me and I will forward all your
responses to her by snail mail or tele.

I would like to tell you all how much I enjoy reading your notes
comments and responses. I am constantly learning. Thank you all very

Relax, Laugh and Enjoy!

~~Molly (an old newbie)