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wanted: potter's home/studio in l.a.

updated fri 31 jan 97


Ken Nowicki on wed 15 jan 97

Greetings Fellow Clay Addicts:

As a new subscriber to CLAYART and only lurking a short while, I've decided
to step into the arena, introduce myself, and ask for help! I hope that this
post is considered "approriate" & "within the guidelines" to the moderators

I am a studio clay artist, and my wife and I are searching for real estate in
the Los Angeles area. I thought that there may be a "slim" chance, but
still... "a chance" nontheless that one of you may be selling (or know of
one that is selling) a home/studio that may suit our needs in this area. It
is worth a shot anyways, and sure beats the alternative we are facing...
which is finding a home in which a studio can be built and facing the many
obsticles facing someone with a 20 cu. ft. raku kiln! (grin)

Here is a "rough" sketch of our needs and parameters:

* 3 Bdrm/2Ba (minimum)
* 2 Car Garage
* Approx. 30' minute or less commute to Universal Studios
(wife's work)
* Studio space of some kind (min. 200-300 sq. ft.)
* Outside Kiln area (flat pad, gas line, etc.)
* "Decent" Safe Neighborhood (no gang-bangers, etc.)
* prefer having a Formal Dining Room, Living Room, Fireplace,
& Laundry Room if possible.

For those of you familiar with L.A., we have begun our search on the "west
side" in the hills, foothills, and "the flats". Starting as far west as
Benedict Cyn, B.H. Post Office, Sunset Hills/Strip, Laurel Cyn, Beverlywood,
Nichols Cyn, Beverly Ctr, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Beachwood Cyn,
Tahoe Cyn, Hollywood Knolls, and as far east as upper/west Loz Feliz. We'd
prefer not to be in the San Fernando Valley, however we have begun looking
recently at Encino Hills as an option. Finding a home with the "studio
parameters" has been difficult at best, thus my posting this message to you

All options are worth considering so please e-mail me if you have anything
that might help our situation. Thank you for your help, and I look forward to
seeing you all online!

Ken email address: