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warped tile makers

updated mon 30 jun 97


Russel Fouts on wed 25 jun 97


You know who you are,

Just to catch ya'll up on my quest for the perfectly warped tile.

I discovered that if I =22punch down=22 in the center of my round tiles with
the flat end of a 1=22 dowel (well 2cm but who's counting), just enough to
make a slight depression, the tiles warp into saucer shapes. Well, at least
with my warpy clay.

I'm also drying them on a non absorbant surface (a painted board) and as
fast as I can, if the kiln is running.

I also tried warping each one individually by holding a hair dryer
directly over the top surface until it curled. That worked well but they
had a tendency to =22unwarp=22 and become flat again as they dried (a hint =
all you flat tile makers). Besides, it was too much work.

They make really nice little =22mamezara=22 (those little plates you find on
a japanese table that are used to hold =22just a little something extra=22)