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what is the reaction here? and rutile pink

updated thu 31 oct 96


Michelle H. Lowe on sat 5 oct 96

So, here I was last night, lamenting on the IRC #pottery channel the fact
that *not one* of our resident glaze gurus chose to take on my query here a
few days ago, about why this combination of glazes resulted in a pink halo
or pink marbling in oxidation. Francoise Melville was there chatting with
us and she said it was because you all were searching those glaze recipes
for a smidgeon of chrome and couldn't find any ;-) when BOOM! It hit me
like a ton a bricks! I have another recipe I use that has been posted
here, a *rutile* pink glaze! Sana's Green has rutile (and the tin required
to make the rutile go pink), but for some reason (probably the other parts
of the recipe) it isn't the pink by itself. So, I guess I (sorta) figured
it out *all by myself* thank-you-very-much.

Speaking of that pink glaze, I think I'll post my revised recipe here soon,
I subbed strontium for the barium and YES it's still very PINK, but maybe I
subbed too much, cause it now melts at about 04 (instead of 6), which I
discovered by surprise when I included some of my daughter's little bowls
in a low-fire, thinking they were decorated with underglazes and low-fire
clear. Made for some awesome decoration on top of another high iron glaze,
though, where it ran and pooled with some great crystals. (see photo on my

So, I guess mystery is somewhat solved, but THANKS ANYWAY! (Hmph) ;-)


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