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wiring lamps

updated sat 31 may 97


Nan Rothwell on sat 10 may 97

This is to comment on the following quote from a list letter:

"You wrap one section (stripped to the copper wire, of course)
around one screw and tighten it, then wrap the other stripped section
around the other screw and tighten it, then put the socket back together."

This note doesn't include several safety feeatures my friend Dale taught me
when he helped me learn to wire lamps...

first, if you've made the pot specifically as a lamp and have made a hole in
the bottom or side, you should knot the wire as a strain relief.

second, you should put a knot in the two separated wires, just below where
you attach them to the socket.

third, and most important since it is true for ALL lamps, not just ones that
are made with an interior place for wiring, you should be sure to wire the
ground and hot wires to the appropriate screws on the socket. You can
identify which is ground on most modern cords by feeling the edge of the
cord. The ground side has ridges on it while the hot side is smooth. The
ground also correlates to the larger plug shaft on a polarized plug.

Hope this helps!

Nan Rothwell in Nelson County, Virginia