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fw: wood fired look

updated sat 31 mar 07


William & Susan Schran User on fri 30 mar 07

Many thanks to Rick Bonomo who was very kind to take the time and find the
original article about the =B3Schran Orange=B2 glaze that Donna Kat had asked

My version is also on my web site on the page: =B3^6 glazes=B2.

//Feb 03 42_49=20

A Wood-Fired Look from an Electric Kiln. by Richard Busch. Like most peopl=
who take up pottery, I was limited at the. beginning of my career to firin=
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clayart - thread 'cm feb issue - wood fired look in electric kiln'

a glaze combination that simulates a wood-fired look in an electric kiln
by Richard Busch. The pictures are beautiful, so I tried it.

William "Bill" Schran