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wood burning ceramic stov

updated thu 31 oct 96


ROBERT POGSON on thu 24 oct 96 wrote:

L> I have a student that wants to build, fire, and glaze a ceramic wood
L> burning stove for use on his back porch. I am insisting that he learn
L> as much as he can about the subject before he burns his house down. If
L> anyone can answer a few of my questions, I'd like to accept the
L> project as it would have a lot of interest in the class and would be a
L> first here at the Art Center.
This is an interesting concept, but I can think of several drawbacks:
1)For municipal regulations (zoning, building codes), the DESIGN of a
wood burning appliance may have to be approved by a testing lab. This could
cost big bucks. Insurance companies may refuse fire insurance if an untested
design is installed. If it were out on the patio like a barbecue, the legal
hassles would be less IMHO.

2)The construction must be flexible. Stackable blocks like a kiln or a
fibrous matting are about the only things that will flex well enough for
the rapid, uneven heating of a fire. A variation of a wood burning kiln
might be more appropriate than thinking of a "ceramic stove". It may be
possible to design a ceramic object that could act like a stove for a
given configuration of fire, but would it be ok if the fire was kindled
differently, or a stick of oak was dropped on it?

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