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wood fired kiln

updated sat 31 aug 96


Torgeir Henriksen on mon 26 aug 96

I am a Norwegian ceramist living in Roros an old Mining Town,on the world
heritage list.For the last 2-3 years i have been working with salt glace
prosjekt in Sweden and also in Jamaica.I have had my workshop and gallery
in between all this small wooden Houses and have not had the opportunity to
build a wood fire kiln.But today i am a meber and owner of a part of an old
factory building close to the Museum.So suddenly i have space to build my
own kiln.
I have in mind to start building the 20. of september the kiln you saw at
Aberystwyth Internasjonal potters festival,by Joe Finch. See Ceramic Review
If there is anybody out there who has som suggestiones of" how not to do
it" or just hints and tips i would be very Thankfull.

Best Whishes Torgeir Leander Henriksen
Gallery Thomasgaarden
7460 Roros Norway

Tlf/fax contry code-72412470.