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wood fired kiln plans

updated sat 30 nov 96


Richard Burkett on mon 11 nov 96

I am forwarding this for Paul Gelardi. PLEASE send email to him, even if you
post something to clayart, as he's not subscribed. Anyone have the Potters
for Peace address or phone number handy? - Richard Burkett

-----begin forwarded message -----

Dear Mr. Burkett,

My name is Paul Gelardi. I was asked by a friend named Bob Lipkin to try
and help him locate plans for a wood fired kin.

Bob is currently in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps. He is working to set
up a pottery cooperative in a small village. They want to build a 7 to
10 cubic foot wood fired kiln that fires to 1050F.

Any suggestions? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Paul Gelardi
Kennebunkport, Maine

---- he also sent this further info:

I spoke with Bob's Peace Corps widow Lou Lipkin after I received your
response. She said that they plan on firing up to a "cone 05". (I am not a
potter so may not be the best intermediary.) She siad they will be firing
terra cotta pots. She also said that they can get fire brick but can't get
angle iron easily.

The organization Bob is with is called Funeacion Antal Volcanes. The are
working in the village of Moyogalpo on the island of Isla de Ometepe.