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ceramic apprenticship in devon, uk.

updated mon 2 apr 07 on sun 1 apr 07

Ceramic Sculptor and tutor Ama Menec is looking for an apprentice as=20
she develops her new Garden Sculpture range 'A Goddess In Your Garden'.=20
If you are interested in developing your ceramic skills and=20
experiencing first hand the business end of a ceramic studio then this=20
is the placement for you. =20

It is essential for a would-be apprentice to have some basic clay=20
working skills such as the ability to wedge clay, roll coils and=20
accurately weigh out glaze ingredients. Full training will be given in=20
press moulding, fettling and adjusting leather-hard sculptures, mould=20
making, glaze testing, kiln packing and firing.=20

Supervision of apprentice=E2=80=99s own projects can also be given, althoug=
gaining a thorough grounding in the above skills will be a steep enough=20
learning curve for many! A driving licence and the ability to interact=20
with the public are also useful as the position may involve assisting=20
at shows. There will also be some heavy lifting.=20

The studio, (shared with potter Lea Phillips), is 1 =C2=BD miles from=20
Totnes and lifts can be arranged to and from Totnes train station. The=20
position is part time, 2 or 3 days a week. A typical day in the studio=20
would start at 11am.

Mostly, the ability to learn, and a desire to become skilled are the=20
two essential qualities needed. Deaf ceramicists are also welcome to=20
apply as Ama has BSL skills.=20

Although this placement is unpaid, there is a huge value associated=20
with the skills and business development experience. Initially the=20
placement will be starting as soon as possible on a three-month trial=20
basis, with possible extension.=20

This project is supported by Devon Artsculture to develop=20
opportunities for people considering a career or enterprise in the=20
creative industries. You will be required to evaluate back to Devon=20
Artsculture on progress of your placement.=20

If you are interested please contact Devon Artsculture on=20 or 01803 849375 or email Ama Menec :=20


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