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fwd: nceca exhibit halls open late

updated tue 3 apr 07


Joyce Lee on mon 2 apr 07

>>Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 20:11:49 -0800
>>From: Joyce Lee
>>Subject: Fwd: NCECA Exhibit Halls Open Late
>>>>>The one and only reason that I attended my first NCECAs was to take
>>>>>advantage of the opportunity for #1 Support Person to examine in person
>>>>>the equipment we were hoping to purchase..... to get the best
>>>>>buy possible....
>>>>>and to talk to the manufacturers and exhibitors directly.
>>>>> We were able to
>>>>>compare brands on the spot with, oddly enough it seemed to us, a
>>>>>who happened to have his booth adjacent to the one we were
>>>>>visiting chiming
>>>>>in to tell us how his merchandise was preferable to our targeted
>>>>>booth. The
>>>>>two held their discussion to which we were privy and #1 could speak with
>>>>>both while having hands on experience himself. Several times
>>>>>other potters
>>>>>joined us with their own questions, which also assisted us in
>>>>>making our choices.
>>>>>These circumstances were well worth the extra registration
>>>>>dollars it took to
>>>>>allow #1 (a non-potter) and I (one step above his non-potter
>>>>>status) to make
>>>>>Informed Decisions that please me to this day, 8 years later.
>>>>>Many, many other potters have said that the exhibit halls were
>>>>>the main reasons
>>>>>they went to NCECA ,and definitely major in their willingness to
>>>>>pay the registration
>>>>>fees. This, of course, for many of us was prior to the Clayart
>>>>>Room and the mayor
>>>>>being available to add to our strong, and important, sense of community.
>>>>>So WHY are the NCECA leaders continuing to treat the exhibitors
>>>>>as if their
>>>>>(the exhibitors) support is only financially helpful to the
>>>>>commercial exhibitors,
>>>>>themselves???? AND
>>>>>that NCECA is being big-hearted in even permitting them to be on
>>>>>the premises
>>>>>for whatever the leadership chooses to charge? Actually, NCECA would do
>>>>>well to charge the exhibitors a token fee, enough perhaps to pay
>>>>>for the hall.
>>>>>Frankly, and I certainly may be in error here, but I believe
>>>>>it's because the
>>>>>NCECA leadership changes for most every NCECA, and that too many of
>>>>>those chosen accept in order to gain points for tenure or advancement at
>>>>>their educational institutions. When I bother to attend opening
>>>>>and closing
>>>>>meetings which are usually boring and absolutely rampant with twisted
>>>>>backs from the pats they bestow on themselves
>>>>> or at least they were until about 3 years ago when I found
>>>>>that avoiding them made me feel much better about the whole conference....
>>>>>a different rant, forgive me......... forget it, you must have
>>>>>gotten my point
>>>>>by now.
>>>>>I must add that many of our clayarters ARE members of art departments
>>>>>at numerous educational institutions. I know that without them we as a
>>>>>List would be up Dirty Creek. I use their knowledge, enjoy their company,
>>>>>and only wish that their pathetic counterparts who fit the images I've
>>>>>described would take lessons from them, our claybud professors and
>>>>>teachers, and accept that the day is here when noses loftier
>>>>>than they deserve
>>>>>to be are only slightly amusing to the rest of us. If ever the hackneyed
>>>>>expression, "Get over yourselves" fit a specific situation, as
>>>>>if tailored
>>>>>for it, the NCECA decision makers fill the bill.
>>>>>However, somebody did something right this last time for Lousiville by
>>>>>adding so many intelligent, confident, humorous, knowledgeable,
>>>>>generous clayarters to the NCECA rosters.... the names I saw are
>>>>>truly Stars .... and have EARNED the respect and affection they
>>>>>receive. Affection? Got it? Jeez, whatta concept..........
>>>>>In the Mojave desert of California where the westie waggled her Mae Westy
>>>>>behind all around the car wash today at the manager's request. Was she
>>>>>ever proud! Looking down her own very short and low to the ground nose
>>>>>at those Other Dogs who had to stay in their vehicles. Must be genetic
>>>>>in both humans and dogs to search for some excuse to be Better than
>>>>>Somebody, please God.... don't let me be the One at the Bottom of
>>>>>whatever barrel I'm in or ladder I'm on that I'm the
>>>>>first to land in the
>>>>>primordial ooze which is waiting to see if I float...........