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bunsen burner

updated wed 4 apr 07


mel jacobson on tue 3 apr 07

it is a small burner. we use a regulator, but not
a baso valve.

you fire the burner into a hot kiln.
it won't blow out, if it does, it re-lights by itself.

you don't turn on the gas until your electric kiln
is at red is a very safe system...but one can
imagine what an insurance person would think.

and, like all gas kilns, it would be prudent to place
this kiln in a safe, well vented area.

ken nowicki's gas/electric has so many safety
features and vents...he has it in his basement.
totally safe kiln.
but, he planned it that way.

all safety features are well respected and used
when appropriate. this is a simple kiln, meant to
be used in a safe place. and, like all experimental should be used and built by someone with a
bit of kiln knowledge....but, alas, that is not always
the case. and, that is what frightened howard axner.
for me, kurt, bob anderson....this is a very straight forward
safe little kiln...we would build one and use it almost anywhere.
but again, we have fired gas kilns thousands of times.

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