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wood in clay

updated sun 31 aug 97


Mel Jacobson on fri 8 aug 97

working in a high school and using clay from the pug mill i have found:
1. a nineteen year old class ring. found the kid and returned it.
2. wood, pencils, gum.
3. 21 feel of ribbon.
4. my best water color brush....sabel, in 432 pieces.
5. a five dollar bill.
6. a watch.
7. a school lock....god was that a bitch.
8. a drivers lisence.
9. a tooth retainer
10. a used condom.
11. a human excrement. sorta a naughty one.
12. more gum.
13. more pencils, erasers, x-acto knife.
14. bisqueware
15. glasses.

and damn that was good clay...made good pots...just pick it out as you are
throwing and patch. all in a days work.
add grog and sand...great body. mel