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kiln elements- how long is a reasonable life?

updated wed 11 apr 07


Jamie Yocono on tue 10 apr 07


I'm trying to diagnose a slow firing kiln, so I hope someone here can help.
(Yes, I've called the manufacturer, but haven't received a reply yet.) :)
Hopefully today or tomorrow. I've done some reading of past topics, but
couldn't seem to find an answer.

My question is- what would be a normal life expectancy of elements on a
kiln? How many times have you fired your electric kiln? I have 70 firings
on my current elements, they are the original ones installed when I bought
the kiln new. About 1/3 were bisque (04) and the rest were ^5/6.

Seems like I had some older kilns that were approaching 150-200 fire cycles
and still going reasonably well. Why did I give away my old Amaco when I
moved across the country? :(

I am in the process of checking the relays; the voltage is fine. But I was
wondering if 70 firings would be a reasonable "life" of an element. I vent
the kiln properly, and don't perform any thing that would generally degrade
the elements.

Thanks for any help or comments,

Jamie in Vegas