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wood kilns, multiple fuel

updated tue 31 dec 96


Akita-jin \"Lee Love\" on sun 22 dec 96

Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 09:22:35 EST
Subject: wood kilns

Where I've been wood firing (with Craig Edwards, who is on this list)
we usually candle the kiln with propane before it is stoked. Other
folks at other kilns in the region start with wood and switch to oil.

I am looking for some property within an hour of the Twin Cities to
build a woodfire kiln on. Peg Udall's little cantenary in Jack Troy's
book looks pretty nice. What I am thinking about doing is building
this little cantenary in such a way, that I can add to it in the
future: put an Anagama on the front and a smaller cantenary behind the
first one for salt (there is an example of a Japanese kiln built along
these lines in Jack's book.)
If I start with the small efficent design, I can build it sooner.
Could always fire the smaller chamber if I don't have the
work/wood/stokers to fire the Anagama section. I would also like the
option of using gas to candle with.

Lee In St. Paul

> I am working on some writing as we speak about doubling fuels for small
> kilns.. we like to fire with gas in the wood kiln to 1800F or so..then start
> the wood.. if we run into a severe stall, or need rest, or have bad weather
> we simply turn on the gas.

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