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studio heating systems

updated thu 19 apr 07


Stephen and Eleanor Hendriks on tue 17 apr 07

Hello All,

For those who are interested, after all
my questions and research I've finally
chosen the heating system for my studio.
I've got radiant baseboard heat with the
hot water provided by a gas boiler
that's been converted to use propane.
The heating units run down the two long
sides of my 42'x23' studio and look like
electric based board heaters only
longer. The boiler is about the size of
a bar fridge with pipes sticking out. It
needs a little electricity to activate
the burner but it doesn't have a fan of
any kind. Because I don't have running
water in the studio (yet!) it is a
closed system with antifreeze added to
prevent freezup if the heat is ever out
for an extended period of time.
Maintenance is minimal.

I chose this option because I didn't
want forced air heat -too drafty and
dust disturbing for happy pots and
potters. I don't have enough power
available to heat with electric and
bringing in more power is very
expensive. I'm too far in the country to
have access to natural gas (my
preference). I would have loved to try
radiant floor heat but the cost of
pouring 1000 square feet of concrete
over the existing floor put it way out
of my price range and potters that I
talked to at Fleming College of Art had
very difficult times controlling the
drying rate of their pots in the
college's radiant heated studios because
there was nowhere to hide them from the
heat. I eliminated wood heat early on
because my pottery life is often very
interrupted by the busy life of my young
family -I needed heat that didn't need a

The heat has only been on for a day so
I'll have to let you know how it works
after I've had some experience with it!!

Next I'll be painting the
floor -following advice from the
archives I'll be using two part
epoxy -I've chosen one made by Rustoleum
that is available (by special order)
through my local Canadian Tire. Wish me

Eleanor Hendriks