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volunteer pottery teachers,aid organizations- info ?

updated thu 19 apr 07


Pat Southwood on tue 17 apr 07

Does anyone know of a charity/ volunteer organisation that needs people =
to help share skills to teach people to throw, glaze,run a pottery etc ?
Just spent a fruitless hour Googling dead ends.
Pat Southwood

Susan Fox Hirschmann on wed 18 apr 07

Tho I do not know of any 'aid organizations' that you can teach people to
throw, I do have some suggestions:
Check with your homeless shelters....they often contact me to come to sit and
handbuild with the homeless---both kids and adults
Check with any oncology centers at your local hospitals: Here in Fairfax,
Va, there is a Life with Cancer Center that has support programs for people and
their loved ones undergoing cancer treatment.
I am teaching a free class for them next month, in my studio, but since
people attending will be a various stages of cancer treatment, I am doing small
handbuilding pieces with them, to just have fun and take their minds off their
illness. Throwing is "not on the menu" for these people.

If you would like any further ideas, you can email me off list and I will be
happy to help you.

You know, my feeling is, when I can't give financially, it is my pleasure to
give back by sharing my love of clay to bring that joy to other less fortunate

Best of luck!
Annandale, VA

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