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wood/salt grad schools

updated wed 31 jul 96


jpleak on thu 25 jul 96

One of my former students, Missy McCormick, will be driving across country -
looking for graduate schools with a wood/salt emphasis. She will start out
in September leaving from North Georgia going the east coast. She is
planning to go west and up to Canada, down to Iowa and to Arizona. I am not
sure how fast she will be going she is planning on a 3 months adventure. If
anyone can tell me where she may find an interesting program or a great kiln
firing I will forward the information. She will be camping and looking
forward to meeting some great ceramic folks.
Thanks Jane Pleak, were it is truly hot in south Georgia
-good news -ground breaking was yesterday for a new ceramic/ sculpture
studio on ground level -off the fourth floor of the Art building YEA! on fri 26 jul 96

UM in Missoula uses a large anagama of David Smith. You might try there. Also,
MSU in Bozeman has a salt kiln but not wood. MSU Billings doesn't have a
grad program but we have a soda kiln. Stop by if passing through.
Marcia in Montana

tony nankervis on sun 28 jul 96

jpleak wrote in part :-

>One of my former students, Missy McCormick, will be driving across country -
>looking for graduate schools with a wood/salt emphasis..........


I strongly suggest that your student look in on John Neely's program at
Utah State Univ. in Logan Ut. When I was there a couple of years ago,
students were using two wood fired kilns and two salt kilns. The other
facilities were excellent. They had a log splitter, refrigerators, washing
machine, big clay mixers, the works. The grad students that I met were
*very* enthusiastic about the program. John Neely is a technical wiz and
makes stunning work. He has written a number of articles in various
magazines, including Ceramics Art and Perception.

Cheers - Tony

Tony Nankervis
Ceramics Dept
Visual Arts
Southern Cross University
Lismore 2480 NSW Australia