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empty bowls $98,000

updated sun 22 apr 07


Marty Morgan on sat 21 apr 07

I tried to mail off line, but message came back to me.

Hi to Kriss Bliss,

I saw this message on clayart in March and would love to hear more details
about managing an event involving 2,346 bowls!

I'm running my 7th EB event this year. Last year we had 800 people and I'm
wondering if we need to do more than one day or more than one venue to make
it any larger.


Marty Morgan

Gloucester, MA

Where it has finally decided to be springtime.

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 13:51:25 -0800

From: Kris Bliss

Subject: empty bowl bragging

hi all,

the empty bowl project in anchorage has been going

on for about 12 maybe 13 years now.

this year 2346 bowls were donated and 90 silent

auction pieces.

because of; our longevity, many corporate donors

like to get on our band wagon.

this year we brought to beans cafe (our local feed

the hungry place)

drum roll please

over $98,000 !!!!!!

damn it is amazing what a bunch of potters can do!!

bliss in sunny anchorage. (where is supposed to get

above freezing this week-end)