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woodfire bashing rebuttal long!!

updated fri 31 jan 97


R Wuetherick on mon 30 dec 96

Don S, Joe B, etc
I would like to put my two cents in here also! Though I am more
with Joe than I am with Don. Why? Simply because Don's statement
was almost certainly coming from an "extremist position" in my humble
If you think that hydro power is so wonderful I would like to
bring you up to Canada and take a look at the effects of the Old Man
River Dam project. Come on down and take a look at all of the natural
habitat that we have destroyed. Just as an aside on the destruction
of wildlife habitat how about the fact that the flood plains for the
dam has covered and destroyed anciet indian burial grounds.
Natural streams that once teamed with life are now dry bedrock.
Canada has no need for the power generated from the Old Man
River Dam. We ship 80% to the California power grid. Whats
up with this? Is this greed? Would that (greed) possibly be one of
the greatest destructive forces of our civilization.
Don have you ever saw studies on "critical state systems." If not
it would be wise to look at them as we live in one! Which is why
almost as long as man learned what "tools" were for; we have
been searching for ways to move from this planet and into the stars.
I believe in my most it is only man kinds arrogance that suggests
we can and will detroy this great planet earth. Earth along with
any system has a point with or without us that it is going to fail
and go into a "critical state."
There are holes in the ozone- It has only been in the last 20-30
years that we have had the technology to even detect them. Who
is to say it is not a natural cycle of this great planet earth. The
great glaciers all over the planet are receding- some at 60 metres a
year. Are we to blame industry? Or can we blame our natural desire
for procreation. We should blame ourselves. The more of "us" that
there are on this wonderful planet- the more we drive the need for
industry.Combintronic- factorial explosion of earth's population far
out weighs any damage several thousand potters doing wood firing
will ever do!
Do you read the newspaper, ceramics monthly, claytimes, etc. You
are part of deforestation. The printing of the New York times each
day eats up 50 acres of trees. Where the heck do we find so many
trees? You say you subsist off of vegetable matter mostly! Many
parts of the brazillian rain forests are not just clear cut for
grazing land for cattle. They are also cut down for growing
vegetables. Do you use sugar in any part of your diet! Do you like
cookies, cakes, or yummy ice cream?
It takes 4-5 stocks of sugar cane to make one teaspoon of white
granulated sugar. Just imagine how many fruits and vegetables
could be grown on that fertile soil if not for our desire for sugar.
How many people starve in third world countries because of that said
And here is the real big one Don. Where do you think Laguna,
Mile High, Plainsman, et al get their clay from. Well strip mining of
course! Why not do our part and quit making pots. The good lord
knows that strip mining is certainly one of the most devastating acts
that man can do to the enviroment! Have you ever saw habitat after
we have finished stripping layers and layers of the earths soil. No
matter what anyone says; Will it ever be the same again. Where
do all of those chemicals come from that we use in our glazes?
On a final note do you seperate all of your plastics, glass, and
other by-products of day to day living! Do you use bleached toilet
paper or do you hunt for the few places that sell non-bleached TP.
Do you recycle every last granule of clay? Use all your scrap glazes?
So basically what I'm trying to get across here is we should all
of course do our part in protecting our envirment - slowing down the
natural progression to "critical state" so as to buy us time to find
another planet; habitable by man kind - for our growing population.
I would not say "apocolypse" here as it is redundent. We as
a sentient species need not a revelation from the Bible to
understand our own mortality and earth's.
But to point a finger at someone who does a wood firing one
a month or twice a year. Well thats simply ridiculus! Besides
there are such things as being able to remove heavy particles
through filteration- you think maybe that would have been the
better route to suggest? We all are going to continue wood firing
on occasion regardless of what you say. Why not suggest ways
of doing it that will reduce or eliminate damage to the enviroment.
Going from one extreme to another never ever works! Compassion,
understanding and moderation most often does.

Rod Wuetherick donning fire retardent suit and waiting for the
flames. Though they wouldn't be so bad right now as we have
broken temperature records. It's -37C right now brrrr Can
you imagine how much coal is being burned to combat this
cold. Maybe we should all move to Florida or Arizona so
as we don't pollute the earth by staying warm!!!

Don Sanami on tue 31 dec 96

Bull,cookies, If my words are "extremist", I must stand on the side of
the angels. How is it extremist to imply that hydro-power is the lesser
of several evils. I completely support the "extremists" fighting the Old
Man diversion. And workers everywhere,seeking real solutions to our
earthly problems. No,I do not pamper frustrated sexuality by eating
sugar.sincerely,don Sanami- Morrill.

Scott Finney on tue 31 dec 96

The way we fire our ceramics should be dependant on the unique place we
are in. Each enviornment although connected is unique unto itself. Each
of use need to weight the value of what we are doing from digging clay
to finish firing. The clay or the fuel whats the difference? Are we
contributing or degregating? If were making a positive contribution
enjoy the results.

Scott Finney
Clay Expressions on tue 31 dec 96

You know, Rod has some real sound ideas there. About
the prospects for moving to FL or AZ... there would
seem to be a better alternative. Simply stop heating
homes in the north. Those who are tough and resilient
will survive. The rest will freeze, thus supplying food
for the coming spring. Remind anyone of "A Modest

Alex Solla in weirdly warm Utah where it is in the 50's
today. All of our holiday snow is causing our basement
to flood in a bad way.

ken tighe on wed 1 jan 97

Thank you Scott Finney for your tolerant voice. We're all doing what we
can. The finger-pointing of this woodfire-bashing thread is sickening.
What a sad commentary that creative people can be so sanctimonious and
judgmental.... what terrific fuel for the Limbaugh's of the

Don Sanami on thu 2 jan 97

ken, I do not understand the "woodfire bashing" bit. We have been
woodfiring in, US,Canada,Japan,Nigeria since 1965 and have always found
the effects far superior to applied glazes. Only within the past 3 years
have we left woodfiring and for obvious reasons. I cannot call my
comments "bashing"by any stretch of the imagination. Don MorrillOn Wed, 1
Jan 1997, ken tighe wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Thank you Scott Finney for your tolerant voice. We're all doing what we
> can. The finger-pointing of this woodfire-bashing thread is sickening.
> What a sad commentary that creative people can be so sanctimonious and
> judgmental.... what terrific fuel for the Limbaugh's of the
> world.......---Ken