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silicon carbide in kiln wash

updated sun 29 apr 07


Charles Hightower on thu 26 apr 07

I was thinking maybe Silicon Carbide in 420 mesh would be useful in kiln
wash. I wonder though, if it would be too conductive to use in an electric
kiln. Any thoughts?

Charles Hightower

Ivor and Olive Lewis on sat 28 apr 07

Dear Charles Hightower,=20

To the best of my knowledge, finely divided Silicon Carbide decomposes =
when heated to high temperatures in air to release Carbon dioxide and =
give Silicon dioxide. In the massive state this leads to the formation =
of a cohesive layer of Silicon dioxide which protects the mass from =
further damage

Finely divided Silicon carbide reacts readily in contact with molten =
glazes containing oxidising agents such as free metallic oxides.

There may be other, better informed, opinions.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.