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questions about terra sig

updated tue 1 may 07


Allyson May on mon 30 apr 07

Hey Susan,

I do a lot of burnishing and most is done on bone dry clay. I like the =
shine this type of burnishing gives me. It is very glassy but, it takes =
time. I have used terra sig and still do at times. Its less time =
consuming but I don't' feel as though the shine is the same. It seems =
less glassy and a little more satin to me. Also, terra sig some times =
interferes with my naked raku process. It seems to cause the resist =
layers to fall of prior to or during the firing. With dry burnish this =
doesn't happen. There are several folks on this list who can speak to =
the preparation of terra sig better than I can. As to application, I =
generally use between 3 and 5 coats applied with either an air brush or =
a sponge brush. If you would like more info on dry burnishing I can =
send it to you off list. Good luck at your workshop!

Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, IN