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updated wed 30 apr 97


Penny_Swanson@Douglas.BC.CA on tue 29 apr 97


I have posted before regarding our Guild. I appreciated the replies I
received before, so am appealing once more for help from the group.

The Guild I belong to works out of the local arts centre. We do not do any
work for the centre. They run their own ceramics classes. The Guild rents
space from the centre which includes access to a kiln, studio, damp room,
and some storage space. The Guild has contributed equipment to the Arts
Centre. We make most of our own glazes, do our own firings (bisque and
glaze) and generally look after ourselves. The arts centre incurs no staff
costs to accomodate us. Recently we have begun to pay for gas firings (at a
rate that more than covers the cost of the gas).

Our rent has recently nearly tripled. It is scheduled to double next year
and then be increased by 50% the following year, resulting in an increase of
10 times over a three year period. It has been indicated to me that this
can be appealed, but we need evidence of what others are paying in similar
circumstances. Does anyone know of a similar arrangement? It is stipulated
in our contract that our members are amature potters. One or two of our
members sell pots at craft fairs other then our own, but for the rest the
Guild's sales (two per year) are their only source of income from pottery.
If there are similar groups out there, what rent are you paying? Has it
been increased lately? by how much?

I only get Clayart via digest, and sometimes I don't seem to get it at all
(I never saw my last questions on the list - but got some direct replys!),
so if replys could be sent to me at, I would
appreciate it.

Finally, as so many have noted, this is a GREAT list. I really appreciate
all the wonderful ideas, advice, and hints.

Thanks again.


Penny Swanson
Technical Services Librarian
Douglas College Library, New Westminster, B.C. Canada
Internet: Voice: (604) 527-5259