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take a deep breath, was: re: which raku kiln?

updated thu 10 may 07


claystevslat on wed 9 may 07

Frank, your numbers don't add up -- if "Ins-Tuff" is $35 a gallon,
and you sell it for "ten times less"* than ITC, at $140 a gallon,
what do YOU think you're selling it for? Ten times anything in
this equation has you selling in the negatives.

The only relationships you can rationally conclude here are "ITC
is 4 times as costly as Ins-Tuff" or "ITC costs 300% more than
Ins-Tuff" and so on.

Sorry for the nag, but I hate imprecision in numbers.

-- Steve Slatin

*This is a locution I object to. It's $35 a gallon. What's two
times $35? $70. What's 10 times $35? $350. What's 10 times
less than $35? Well, it should be negative $315. It's like saying
'a burger here costs 100% less than a burger there!" -- the only
way this makes sense is if 'there' charges nothing at all for a

--- In, Frank Colson wrote:
> ITC for $140.00 a gallon? Get off it! Absolutly crazy! Why?
> from HW for $35.00 a gallon that will do the same and better than
> Frank Colson

Again, if you have lots of $'s for purchasing ITC, which everyone in
field seems to believe is the one and only definitive substance for
all the
applications it bosts about, go for it. Otherwise, purchase "Ins-
(product name) collioidal silica in small quanity as 1 gallon, or
more. If
you want to get your money back, simply recan it into smaller
quanities and
resell it at 10 times less what you pay for ITC. Remember, it will do
everything ITC does and more