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fw: which raku kiln? itc issue

updated mon 14 may 07


Angela Davis on fri 11 may 07

> It seems to me that the question here is how many kilns
> can you coat with half a gallon of Instuff as compared to ITC.
> Sometimes a product is cheaper to buy but not to use.
> Has anyone on the list used the Instuff and the ITC to do a non-partial
> consumer
> report for us?
> Angela Davis
> In lovely Homosassa with ITC in the cupboard, got my Raku kiln built but
> haven't gotten around to coating the fiber yet.
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> From: "Frank Colson"
>> Your case is obviously a prudent and carefully managed approach which
>> has
>> awarded you with excellent results. Just imagine if you had known years
>> ago that you could have purchased similar materials for a fraction of
>> $127.00? So, you are the exception, even at those outragous prices! I'm
>> simply pointing out to all who read this post that one could buy a lot of
>> extra brick to build your kiln rather than an expensive substance.>
>> Frank Colson
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>> From: "Marcia Selsor"
>>> Frank,
>>>>> My gallon of ITC has coated over 5 kilns and I still have half of it
>>> left.
>>> I'd say it goes a long way. I coated some gas kilns with it as well
>>> as lids of electrics and my four raku kilns.
>>> .
>>> I got the ITC years ago for $127/gal. and it is still going strong. I
>>> swear by it.
>>> Marcia
>>> Marcia Selsor
>>> On May 8, 2007, at 11:43 AM, Frank Colson wrote:
>>>> ITC for $140.00 a gallon? Get off it! Absolutly crazy! Why? Ins-
>>>> Tuff
>>>> from HW for $35.00 a gallon that will do the same and better than ITC!
>>>> Frank Colson