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uc davis craft center gallery-j.j. baum:creations of a ceramocentric

updated tue 15 may 07


J.J. Baum on mon 14 may 07


Hi Clayartists,

I hope your day is going well. I would like to invite you to come and
see my show, "Creations of a Ceramocentric Mind", this month at the Craft
Center on the University of California Davis Campus. The show will be in
place from May 11 to June 7, with a catered reception on Saturday May 19th
from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Directions to the Craft Center can be found on the
first link below.

Finally I wanted to mention three other great clay shows in the
Davis/Sacramento area that are currently happening:

1) California Clay Competition in Davis, CA (April 27- June 2, 2007)

2) Feats of Clay in Lincoln, CA (April 29th - May 28th): :

3) Echoes of the Earth : Ceramics by Toshiko Takaezu (May 18th - August
19th)at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA.

Have a great day,
J.J. Baum
Sacramento, CA