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is it just me?/tony is in italy

updated fri 25 may 07


BJ Clark | Stinking Desert Ceramics on wed 23 may 07

When I saw him last month, he didn't mention anything about staying in Italy
extra, but said that he would be totally swamped with stuff to catch up with
and not to count on hearing anything from him until at least the first of
June. Remember folks, he's been 2000 miles from home since the first part of
January. I'm sure he'll jump online and drop a note as soon as he can.

BJ Clark
Stinking Desert Ceramics

Marcia Selsor on wed 23 may 07

As I said earlier, Tony's wood fire workshop at La Meridiana in
Tuscany ended last Sat.
Maybe he is staying a bit longer or catching up on work at home.
Marcia Selsor

On May 23, 2007, at 8:00 AM, Tom at wrote:

> So.....doesn't anyone make the connection? There are almost no
> potters on
> ClayArt who make their living solely from pottery...a few, but
> almost none.
> Used to be dozens back in the 90's. There was lots of factual data
> being
> traded then.
> If you're making a living from clay, as the interviewees in the
> current CM
> indicate, there is precious little time for general conversation.
> Read
> those stories carefully. These people, live and breathe clay.
> Sorry, this is not a slam, just the reality of the difficulty of
> clay as a
> living. It really is the answer to some of the discussion about
> handmade/machine made of late.
> While there are precious few making a living solely from clay,
> there are
> even fewer doing it without some sort of mechanical assistance.
> Besides
> making pots, as Mel indicated a couple weeks ago, we also have a
> gallery and
> buy pots from all over the US and Canada. A large percentage of
> potters
> have gone to some methods such as slab, cast and ram pressing for
> part of
> their production to turn out enough work to pay the bills. (I'm
> firmly
> convinced there is some lesser level of production that is actually
> more
> profitable, but the trap is difficult to get out of).
> We have noticed the trend for at least the last 7 or 8 years at the
> major
> wholesale shows. And as fuel, travel, electrical and other costs
> rise, I'm
> sure it will continue.
> As to Tony, as noted, he's been very, very busy. He has always
> come and
> gone from the list depending on the workload, just as many others
> do. Think
> about it....if you just skim most of the posts, write a couple of
> responses, you've just taken the better part of an hour. Do that 7
> times a
> week and you've taken the better part of a day.
> Most production people can't do that. So I'm going to go now and
> start work
> on that 30 pieces plus lids I have to throw today, as well as the
> 30 plus
> handles from yesterday that need trimming....
> Tom Wirt
> Clay Coyote Pottery
> 17614 240th St. Hutchinson, MN 55350
> 320-587-2599
>>>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>>>> Subject: Is It Just Me?
>> Or is there anyone else out there a bit at-a-loss without a
>> regular Tony
>> Clennell posting?
>>>>> The focus of the issue is "Working Potters"
> and there are articles by 9 full-time potters telling how they have
> made it
> work for them. Lots of good information for those of you thinking
> about
> making your living from clay.

Marcia Selsor