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web auctions as part of empty bowl events

updated sat 26 may 07


MAC on fri 25 may 07

Good morning all,

We had our post-event wrap up meeting yesterday for our 13th annual Empty
Bowl event in our community. I am fortunate to be involved both as a potter
and as a staff member of the regional food bank, so the event is a very
fulfilling thing to see come together.

One of the ideas raised for next year is that we consider adding a pre-event
web based auction of the best bowls. The thoughts were that the website
would increase revenue for the event as well as allow a vehicle for
publicizing the work of the various artists who donate their work to the

Have any of you included a web auction into your Empty Bowl event? I would
love to hear your experiences and advice for us!

Many thanks,
Mari Anna
Duluth, MN