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flashy glazes/school

updated sun 27 may 07


mel jacobson on sat 26 may 07

there is an old adage:
if you put out four glazes in a school room, they will want 8,
if you put out 8, they will want 16. it never ends.

i have been to art centers around the country and can easily count
50 glaze buckets. stupid, because it still is not enough..

by using combinations of color or style...four glazes means you
have 30.

kids want flashy. `mall of america glazes.`

i let them decorate. draw, glaze, cut through, layer or if all else
fails...`hey, look through that pile of ceramics monthly magazines`...
make your own colors, read and discover.`

then you find the hidden ice cream pail with tape around the cover
marked `do not use, private glaze`.

so much about glazing is thickness, layers, waxing, decoration.
soon the good ones figure it out. the lazy ones just use what is
out there.
and, it goes on and on and on and on.
and for many kids, you just cannot make it flashy enough....they
grow and learn. simple and elegant. what a concept.

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