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open classes @ penland summer o7

updated sat 2 jun 07


Ian Meares on mon 4 jun 07

For those of you that were wondering, Penlands has open spaces in:

3rd session June 24 =96 July 6:

Sharif Bey - Clay Adornment: Object & Identity
In this class, students will use various earthenware clays and mixed-media
to create sculptural objects that challenge notions of ritual, function,
and adornment. We will experiment with pinch, coil-built, press-mold, and
wheel-thrown forms in exploring objects of cultural, historical,
political, and personal meaning. Our pieces will be finished through
alternative low-firing methods including sawdust, faux foil, low-
temperature salt, and sagger firing.
All levels. Code 03cb

Assistant professor at Winston-Salem State University (NC); teaching: Penn
State University, Manchester Craftsmen=92s Guild (PA); Fulbright fellowship;=

collections: Paul Robeson Culture Center at Penn State University,
Avampato Museum (WV), University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

4th session July 8-20:

Gail Kendall - Low-Fire/Low-Tech:Handbuilt Earthenware Pottery
This workshop will cover a range of form-making techniques, including
coils, slabs, and bisque molds. Forms will be enhanced with slip,
embellished with sgrafitto, and decorated with underglazes and transparent
glazes. Studio work will be complemented with slide lectures on
contemporary and historical pottery, discussions, and critiques. This
class will emphasize the exploration of personal vision (and, of course,
having a good time).
Intermediate/advanced handbuilding skills required. Code 04cb

Hixson-Lied Professor of Art at University of Nebraska-Lincoln; passionate
about pots, food, gardens, and other earthly delights.

5th session July 22 =96 August 7:

Jim Romberg - Raku Ceramics: New Approaches & Processes
The history of raku, both ancient and recent, provides a rich background
for new explorations of process, color, form, and content. This workshop
will present new approaches to making and firing raku vessels and
sculptural forms. Through demonstrations, slides, and discussions, we will
develop the idea of the complete piece--with form, color, and content
integrated to create relevant personal expression.
All levels. Code 05ca

Director of Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry (CO), professor emeritus
of art from Southern Oregon University; recently convened the
International Raku Summit; collections: Boise Museum of Art (ID), Marer
Collection of American Ceramics at Scripps College (CA), Pottery Northwest

6th session August 12-24:

Neil Patterson - Throw, Facet, Stretch, Dart!
Discover your personal forms by learning to use the potter=92s wheel as a
creative tool. We will use a variety of forming techniques to alter
wheelthrown parts and develop articulate forms that will enrich your
creativity. Rather than focusing on finished pieces, this workshop will be
about exploring process and discovering your voice in clay. We will use
stoneware clay and bisque fire work to take home (we may do one glaze
Some throwing experience will be helpful, but the class is open to
students of all levels. Code 06ca

Studio potter and teacher at Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia); work
published in many books of pottery and in Ceramics Monthly.

Check out the websight so you can fax in an application.

If you have any qiestions please contact us at 828-765-2359.

or E-mail me Ian Meares at