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oval platters, thank you eleanor

updated fri 8 jun 07


Lili Krakowski on mon 4 jun 07

I gotta tell you, Eleanor it never occurred to me to make SQUARE or odd
shaped platters by this method of rolling out the base and throwing the rim.
Which goes to show...

Thank you for the kind things you say about my directions. And, since you
brought it up. Books. I love to write for PMI because I know they go to
the wide audience which, on the other end, I address with my pottery. PMI
is a workshop in print, a workshop available to anyone who has access to a
good library system, or can afford the [relatively] modest subscription

There is a plethora of good books on the market. Andrew Lubow, the other
day, asked for just OP book recommendations!
Well! Counts, and Woody, and Kenny, and and and....SO many books,
excellent, wonderful, indispensable....I do not care to add another, when I
can say it all here and there.

I am on ClayArt as a way of teaching. Vince and Lee do NOT need my input,
but I think it matters that another viewpoint be presented. If I tangle
with them sometimes it is just to let people out there know "Hey there is
another viewpoint...."

However. Down to business. And, as I said, YOU brought it up.

It is several hours past High Time for CM and PMI to organize a new book on
the basis of the two volume QUESTIONS books they did too many years back.
Taking basic hardcore topics such as they have published all along; how to
make spouts, and how to extrude this and that, and how to make a bird house,
and oval platters, and how to do whatever--and combine with material from
the Archives and publish AS A BOOK. "We" get repeat questions over and over
and over. How do I recycle clay? What do I need when starting out with
glazes? Plaster is giving me a pain in the butt.

Such a book would not cost all that much to buy. And would help endless
numbers of people.

Are rising prices going to affect us? Sure they are. Many is the sincere
pottery novice who has been taking classes at the Y or the Community Center
and now finds that those extra gallons of gas are too costly. Many is the
sincere potter who sees food prices going up, and wonders is it selfish to
set up a studio. (Well, if you build your own out of salvaged materials you
can do it...)

A copy of this post goes to CM and PMI.

Let's see. I bet a response from ClayArters would help the cause...People
are always rattling on about "giving back" which sounds half way between
returning things to a store, and cows chewing cud. BUT we on ClayArt have
benefited immensely from each other, from who has given what...Time to give
some more....

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage

Jennifer Boyer on thu 7 jun 07

A variation on this technique that works well for square or oval forms:

Throw a pot(say a low one - 3" high 7" wide ) with a thicker than
usual base - on a bat. Instead of cutting it off the bat, take a
needle tool and spin the pot slowly while piercing right at the
bottom of the wall, above the base, cutting the wall from the base
but not taking it off. When the pot has dried a bit, take the whole
wall part off. Throw the whole pancake-like base some more, spreading
it out to make it larger than it was. Reshape the wall part into a
square or oval shape and put it back on the base, making sure if fits
within the new diameter before sealing down the new junction of the 2
parts. Wire off the pot, slicing off the little 1/2 moon shapes of
the base that are no longer part of the new form, and clean up the
bottom. This technique leaves throwing marks in the bottom of the pot.

Take Care
On Jun 4, 2007, at 12:56 PM, Lili Krakowski wrote:

> I gotta tell you, Eleanor it never occurred to me to make SQUARE
> or odd
> shaped platters by this method of rolling out the base and throwing
> the rim.
> Which goes to show...

Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Montpelier, VT