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surfing with helen bates - june 5, 2007 - canada and usa

updated wed 6 jun 07


Helen Bates on tue 5 jun 07

Surfing with Helen Bates - June 5, 2007 - Canada and USA

Hi All,

Wayne Ngan (Hornby Island, BC, Canada)

Gailan Ngan (Wayne Ngan is her father) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
(works in both stoneware and earthenware. Her pieces are created by a
(Both wheel-thrown and hand-altered stoneware and earthenware vessels
fired in both electric and gas kilns.) )"Recently, Gailan's ceramics
have been utilizing a rare Yukon clay and glazes made from volcanic ash
from the Okanagan.")

Neil Fiertel (Spruce Grove, AB, Canada)
(monumental ceramic sculptures)
(Professor Emeritus, Art and Design, University of Alberta, Edmonton,

Brian Nettles (Pass Christian, MS, USA) (pdf)

("Rebuilding after Katrina, Kiln by Kiln" [article by Shawn McCabe and
Neil Tetkowski])

The Anderson Family (Shearwater Pottery) (Ocean Springs, MI, USA)
(Hosted on the Atelier Yoyita Gallery'sHurricane Katrina affected
Mississippi Artists list)

Peter and Dorothy Bonneau (Redmond, WA, USA)
(Fascinating, often tongue-in-cheek but always sensitively modelled
animals. The Bonneaus have branched out from realist/expressionist
painting and graphic design to humourous, sometimes anthropomorphic but
never cloying clay sculpture of horse figures, crow-like birds and other
creatures, either as free-standing pieces or found in architectural
ceramics. "What's most important to us is the pursuit of joy, humor and
beauty. We hope to convey that sense of happiness and appreciation of
life in our art work.")

Ben Carter (Ben Carter Pottery) (Asheville, NC, USA)
Ben has recently been selected as one of Ceramics Monthly's emerging
artist for 2006. He has accepted a winter residency at the Anderson
ranch arts center and will be leaving the Odyssey Center in September.
He has also curated a show at the Clay Studio of Missoula that features
past and present residents and instructors at the Odyssey Center.
"As a potter I am constantly questioning how I can infuse clay with
spirit and vitality, while continuing to honor function and the rigors
of daily use. I choose robust, but casually thrown forms that allude to
the vigor inherent in southern Appalachian domestic objects, such as
quilts, aprons, and furniture. These objects represent a vitality that
comes from a time-honored tradition of use and family ritual."

Donna Polseno (Floyd, VA, USA)
(functional porcelain pottery, abstract vessels, figurative sculpture)

Charles Gluskoter (Sheridan, OR. USA)
(Stoneware, often glazed with what the potter calls "hammered" glazes,
often in combination with red, copper green, and iron glazes that are
generally matte in texture) (Teapots, lanterns, funeral urns, masks,
lidded jars and open vessels)

John Ray (JR Pottery) (Sewanee, TN, USA)
(Works in the Japanese Bizen Pottery tradition)

Regina Simas (Regina Simas Ceramics) (formerly Carrollton, GA; now in
Oxford, OH, USA) posted)
(Brazilian born potter; teaches workshops in Nerikomi, Agateware and
other colored clay techniques)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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