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nceca 2008 from mel

updated sat 9 jun 07


joyce on mon 11 jun 07

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>From: mel jacobson
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>dear friends/ here is the infor on
>nceca/hotel/clayart room.
>we are very pleased with this cooperation
>with nceca.
>the hotel is a two blocks away, but a great venue
>for the clayart room, and it is a comp for us.
>no worries.
>and, anyone that wants the hotel next door to the
>convention center...just book it. but, most clayarters
>will be at the omni.
>Here is the information:
>Meeting Room
>Wed, March 19-Fri, March 21 - Frick located in the Omni William Penn. This
>is located one floor above the lobby level and is indicated on the=
>as the Conference Level (CL).
>Sleeping Rooms
>Omni William Penn
>530 William Penn Place
>Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
>412-281-7100 (reservations: 1-800-843-6664
>$109.00 single bedded; $119.00 double bedded
>Reservation cut-off: February 13, 2008
>Reservations must be received by February 13, 2008 to obtain the group=
>Cancellations received after 12:00 PM local hotel time, 3 days prior to=
>of arrival will be billed for 1 nights room, tax and fees to your credit
>The Omni William Penn is approximately 2 =BD blocks from the David L.=
>Convention Center.
>I look forward to having a continued working relationship with you and
>from: mel/
>Clayart page link: