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fire marshall blues/raku

updated thu 5 jul 07


Sean Burns on tue 3 jul 07

Hi folks,
I am set to do a raku session at my summer camp gig. I am running a
ward raku burner/propane(40Lb. tank)and a gutted paragon kiln for the
system and have all the safety gear- tested a firing - and it works.
Recently the fire code has become a nightmare for the camp as backlash
from "The Station" incident in Rhode Island has really set the local fire
officials on high alert- there are surprise walkthroughs and so on-
What I need is some useful replies to standard safety issues
surrounding a raku firing from a non-potter - paranoid authority type
persona perspective as well as just a concerned well meaning official.
Ie- distance from building structures- placement
I respect you as an artist but...your a pyro
common misconceptions
common sense
I have some info in the bag but I know the wealth out there on this
subject is larger than myself. Any input is appreciated....

Thanks alot.

Sean Burns
Williamsburg, Ma.