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tile repair

updated thu 5 jul 07


Leann Boyd on mon 2 jul 07

I sent this earlier, but don't think it went through. Forgive me if it's a

I have a tile in need of repair--not sure of the original clay or glaze
used, but there's a large crack in the front of the tile. Is there a low
temp way to fill the crack and match the glaze? I know that firing can
sometimes widen the crack. Is there a no-fire way to repair the tile


Cindy Gatto on tue 3 jul 07

The best no fire way to fix it would be to get epoxy putty and paint it. You
can get epoxy putty at just about any hardware store. It comes in a tube,
you cut a portion off [similar to cookie dough that comes in a tube] knead it
between your fingers then fill the crack. Let it harden for the recommended
time. Then paint the tile.
Good luck
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