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washing wood ash and what's this?

updated sat 14 jul 07


Fredrick Paget on thu 12 jul 07

Yeah, that is mostly lye and a little other stuff that is in there
like potassium hydroxide.
You need a more thorough washing. To half a bucket of ashes fill it
with water and stir . Let it settle overnight and pour off all the
water you can. Wash it 4 or 5 times. That will get rid or the lye.
For some reason I always have saved the first water and evaporated
it. I get about a cup of lye . It is extremely deliquescent stuff.
After it lays around here for six months I wonder why I saved it and
I pour it on the compost pile in solution. I guess I am a hoarder.
Twin Dragon Studio
Mill Valley, CA, USA

sacredclay on thu 12 jul 07

Hi, Beautiful People! I was washing wood ash and yes, I'm wearing
floves! I don't want to make literally hand made soap again. Now I had
to put it away a few weeks ago while there were still water in it. Just
getting down to finish the job. Most of the water has evaporated and
left some sparkling brown crystals. What is it/ Is it lye crystals?
Thanks! Back to the gloves and scented soap! Smooch, y'all! Kathryn
Hughes in NC where it's nice and breezy this morning. Love that!and the
cicada is quiet too!