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wong's scottish meat pies

updated sat 21 jul 07


tony clennell on thu 19 jul 07

Thanx everyone for the advice and the commentary on
your trips to China. In spite of the risks of getting
sick and some of you getting sick what i'm finding is
that everyone wants to go back. It must be so
incredible that you keep returning.
I'll try not to go ditch swimming ala Dale.
I'm not a very adventurous eater so if all else fails
I'll head for KFC. If that don't kill ya nothing can.
My neighbour here raises 37,000 baby chicks to KFC in
28 days. Tell me that's natural. The stuff I watched
John Baymore eat in Japan damned near made me puke.
They say in China they'll eat anything with four legs
except a table and anything with 2 wings except an
time is ticking away and I got to get a bunch of pots
On the workshop front the one at Mike Carroll's is
looking like a good time. He is allowing people to use
his classroom/studio at night if they want to try some
of the techniques I'm demonstrating. We have booked
the Irish pub on Sat night so you'll be working alone
. We got pot talk to attend to.

Tony Clennell
Studio potter

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