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^04 bisque engobe

updated mon 23 jul 07


Bonnie Staffel on sun 22 jul 07

Judy, if you have Daniel Rhodes book, he has written several and I think
mine is called Clay and Glazes or some words with Stoneware in it. It =
very old, he gives a number of recipes for applying engobes to leather =
and bisque ware. I made a pot once in the 60's which was published in
Amaco's book of Decorations. I am just catching up on Clayart so this =
be an answer that is out of date.

Due to a devastating fall at the local mall a month ago, I am not quite
able to get around easily yet, so I can't give you exact information. I =
recovering though. Sitting around doing nothing is not my idea of a =
way to go through life. It is amazing how hard that cement is when it =
flying into your face!!!

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