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wong's scottish meat pies and duck of peking

updated thu 26 jul 07


Ric Swenson on wed 25 jul 07

Not to worry about the food. It's all good. Eat yoghurt with that acidophy=
lis stuff in it. Good for your tummy.
I'm travelling now and the food in the North is a little different but I s=
till watch the food being cooked if I can. Beijing is a big city but IMHO =
much easier to get around than ShangHai. Hutongs are very interesting neig=
hborhoods...originally they were the locations of tradesmen who raised hors=
es/mules, made clothing for the court, did ceramics or metal work...etc, th=
ey gradually became large houses with nice courtyards, then since the revol=
ution have become walled up single family dwellings...some VERY small. cour=
tyards are disappearing quickly...especially with coming of Olympics in 380=
days .....08/08/08.
Duck is the best meal here, but the bao zi (dumplings) here is good too. Th=
e fish is better in the South and even the river fish in JingDeZhen are mo=
re tasty than the fish I have had here....but then I have only been here fo=
r a week. Next week to Mongolia to have mutton Barbeque...yes...the WHOLE =
LOTS more Westerners in Beijing than in JDZ....but mostly Europeans....Russ=
ians, Slavs, Spaniards, French,...not many Americans. I did meet a girl ye=
sterday who's studying art history at Dartmouth College and working for a s=
emester at the '798' art scene, galleries in NW BeiJing. Saw a show of Phi=
llip Pearlstein's paintings and LOTS of sculpture, ceramics and painting.=20
China is great....even the Great Wall is GREAT.
( I had 339 e-mails to read this morning...after a week of not checking the=
mail, In addition to a lot of CLAYART postings, I had several dozen "plea=
se help me" notices from Mumbato in Mumbasa and many greetings from UK Lott=
ery....I am again told that I am a winner! =20
BTW....That reminds me of the cartoon of a sausage standing at his mailbox =
reading the notice from Ed McMahon that stated " You may already be a wiene=
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