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pottery as a business

updated wed 1 aug 07


John Fulwood on tue 31 jul 07

I have been reading the posts about making money as a potter and it has been very interesting to say the least. First I will say that no matter how much money I do or do not make, It still beats working at Sears, having someone tell me what to do and when to do it.

I have been at this a long time and sure, there have been ups and downs but it is still a wonderful way to live. There was a winter in Florida when I could not get into a show no matter what I did. I still do not know why. I went to work for a friend who owned a landscape business. I laid sod for 2 months and it was ok. Hard to get it wrong. Green side up. Soon enough, I got into some shows and sold some pots. I never considered trying to find a regular job. I am a potter.

At this point in my career, I have tried to create a situation where the income would continue even if I could not make pots for a while. That is where the classroom and the 30 or so students come in. I guess I could sell this business to another potter and the school would continue to make money but my ego says the students would not enjoy the experience as much. I really think they would be just fine without me. They just want a place to make pots and forget about their 9-5 jobs. Thank God I do not have to go somewhere and pay to forget about my high stress corporate life.

All I have to do is touch clay and life is good.

By the way, I have attached a schedule for the next session of classes if anyone needs to unwind.

Still paying for health insurance in Jersey,

John Fulwood

John Fulwood
Kissimmee River Pottery
One 8th St. #11
Frenchtown, NJ. 08825

John Britt on tue 31 jul 07


I cannot remember the precise reference but at one time I found a US
Government Labor Statistic that showed the average income for craft
professions and it listed pottery right near the bottom. The only good
news was that it was not the bottom. That was held by Dancers.

I think I remember that it was an average of $10,0000 a year. (That was
about 7 years ago and I am only recalling so I could be mistaken.)

Of course, the numbers came from IRS statements and we all know that a lot
of the money potters make is not reported.

But that did not stop me from making stuff, just haven't gotten rich.

I did find another profession that makes less than pottery...writing about

John Britt