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question re engobe

updated tue 7 aug 07


Carolyn C. White on mon 6 aug 07

Quite some time ago when I was working at a community studio, one of the
potters used colored matte engobes on her lowfire work. This colored engobe
had small irregular sized glassy specks in it. I suspect it was because
perhaps the engobe was not sieved well, but the irregularities were, for me,
an attractive part of the finish.

Does anyone have any other ideas as to what may have caused such
texture/glassy specks? (Note the glassy specks took on the color of the

Also note - I am working at Cone 6 oxidation - so I realize I will need to
adapt any low fire formula. Thanks for any suggestions.

Carolyn Caldwell-White

Krysalis Design

Fairfax, CA